The GradeMiners teams are the ones you go to if you want a paper that passes. If you need a paper that scores well, then this company is not capable of it. This may sound like a bad thing, but the fact is that many students do not want high scores; they simply want a passing grade for their project. Other essay writing services offer bells and whistles with their service, and this one does too, so do not be fooled. However, if you are simply looking for a passing grade, then use this company’s lowest quality band and make your order.


They will do your assignment, case study, coursework, editing, homework, thesis, personal statement, lab report, dissertation chapters and book reports. If you are concerned that they are unable to do your assignment for you, then get in touch with their customer support to find out for yourself. They do not have a massive writing staff, but they have enough to cover many of their bases.


The grademiners team has prices for 3-hour deadlines that go from $34.95 per page for High School content, $36.95 for college content, and $38.95 for undergraduate content. If you take advantage of the longer deadline prices, then our review shows that the grade miners prices are $11.30 per page for High School content, $14.90 for college content, and $17.10 for undergraduate content.


Their written quality is enough to get a pass. They offer you High School level, college level and undergraduate level. Order assignments at these levels and you will get a pass, but you will not get a high score. The website has a button that says order your “A” paper, as if they are able to create top-scoring essays–but they cannot. They are an essay writing service you turn to if you want a pass, if you think you are going to get a top score from the company, then you are going the be disappointed.


Their customer service department is rather good. They will not put you in a queue, and their staff seem pretty on the ball. It is annoying how their live chat pops up down on the bottom right of the website, but that is more of a usability issue than it is a customer service department issue. They are online around the clock and any day of the week, which means you do not have to contact them during business hours, you can contact them at any time of the day or night.


Their website is one of the most annoying websites we have ever come across. We despise the fact that we have to review this service because of their website. Their service is good and they create passable essays, so we cannot leave it off our review website, but if we could, then we would because we hate their website. What’s wrong with it you ask? Firstly, they promise top grades, even though they do not sell any service that offers top scores. They also have images of their “so called” customer service department staff, and yet all of them look like they model for a catalogue company; where are the fat old ladies and spotty teens?

Their live chat function will pop up and beep at weird and inappropriate moments, which is annoying, the written quality of the website is outright laughably bad as are the terribly fake testimonial videos on the homepage. But, we could forgive all of that. All of it! If they would just remove that idiotic “Sorry you are leaving” popup. Whenever you try to engage with any page, it pops up and asks why you are leaving, even though you are not.